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MSC Return to Play Protocol

Please see below attachments that address Medford Soccer Club's return to play protocol and waiver documen

msc return to play protocolsv3.docx  (for MSC Teams)

msc_return_to_play_protocols game day for visiting teams.docx  (required to be shared with visiting teams prior to games at Bende Soccer Complex)

TeamSnap Requirements (includes Health Check and COVID Waiver Requirements)

MSC has rolled out additional measures to help ensure all families and teams are following appropriate steps to limit the risk of COVID spread during any MSC event (practice, game, etc.)  The entire structure of this process will be built into TeamSnap which all coaches within the Travel and Rec program must utilize and follow.  Please see below:

Step 1:  Team Snap Account Set Up:  For those of you who don’t know, MSC provides every coach with free access to a TeamSnap account which should be utilized to set practices and game schedules as well as track player availability.  If you do not have a TeamSnap account under MSC, please let me know immediately. 

Step 2:  Set Schedule:  Within you TeamSnap account, every coach MUST set a practice schedule with field location and time.  The same holds true for your game schedule once the season is posted.  In short, all activities (practices, trainings, scrimmages, games, tournaments, etc.)  must be documented in TeamSnap.

Step 3:  Medical Waiver:  Effective this evening, a new waiver has been rolled out to all teams under MSC.  The waiver must be signed by a parent/guardian of each player by the close of this week.  Parents may be prompted to electronically sign the waiver when logging into TeamSnap but most will miss or have trouble finding so I am providing a custom URL that every coach can send to their parents for easier access   The acknowledgement process is straightforward and simply requires the parent to view the document, add their player’s name and electronically sign.

Step 4:  Health Check Feature:  A new Health Check feature is now available on TeamSnap and must be completed by the parent before every practice or game.  The feature operates similar to the availability tab where a parent will designate a player’s availability and then go through a few brief questions regarding their player’s current health.  This feature becomes available 8 hours prior to the start of a scheduled event (game, practice, scrimmage, etc.)    

When a parent selects the player’s availability, they will see a health screening option on the same tab. The results are stored on the event details so coaches can see who has completed the health screening.  Please be advised that parents must use a mobile device/smart phone to manage the health screening and may need to update the app if they are using an older version.  Please click the link and watch the 1 minute video.

Step 5:  Enforcement:  Coaches must utilize TeamSnap to ensure all players who are attending practice or a game, have the appropriate clearance given by the Health Check feature.  The process takes parents seconds to complete – but a player will not be permitted to practice or play in a game unless the parent has provided consent through Health Check.  Coaches will be able to easily view a player’s “availability” and “health clearance” within TeamSnap no different than today.

As outlined above, we are asking all parents to complete the waiver by the close of this week, if not sooner.  Regarding the health check feature, we are asking coaches to begin utilizing the tool immediately.  Parents should be made aware of the policy and start designating their player’s health at your next upcoming practice.  The enforcement terms outlined above will be effective on Monday, August 24th.   We are hoping this week will give everyone some time to become familiar with the new feature.  It’s important to reiterate that the purpose of these protocols are to help protect our kids as we return to play.

 We will be putting together a formal email to all families via TeamSnap to help communicate the new requirements. We do ask that you take the lead in the interim to help communicate the above messaging to your players.  We understand there will be some hurdles along the way with parents not clearing their child before practice, etc.   However, these new steps are pretty intuitive and shouldn’t take long for parents to adopt.  If you have any question or need additional information, please do not hesitate to let me know. 



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