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MSC Recreational Soccer Board

Overview of MSC Recreational Soccer Board Responsibilities.


  • Periodically review content on Medford Soccer Club Website.  Update website tabs (About, Registration, Frequently Answered Questions, Field Maps, etc).




  • Finalize MSC website with relevant Information upcoming season details with registration open/close dates.
  • Update MYAA program registration.  Ensure each division has updated dates and explanations.  Things that change each season and require individual updating dates for late fees, for example.  This needs to be updated for each division separately.  Inputting the number of max registrants ensures teams can be properly managed as registration nears closing so teams are not over rostered.  (Ex.  A U8 team does not exceed 10 or 11 players in a 6v6 division)
    • Open registration, select close date/adjust division totals to utilize waitlist feature.



  • Communicate with previous season youth referees to determine who is returning utilizing TeamSnap.
  • Announce a 2-hr referee course, coordinate instruction, set up a registration link to cap at approximately 15 new referees and allow for current to use as refresher.
  • Update Referee spreadsheet to allow for season scheduling and payment breakdown.



  • Schedule Photoworks Picture Day / Secure indoor facility if possible (St. Mary’s Gym has been used in the past, pre-covid)

Outside Township/Club Participation

  • The former “Pinelands League” included Indian Mills, Tabernacle, Medford Lakes, Medford Township and Southampton.  Every season, communications take place with these township coordinators to determine participation.  Present day, additional clubs include Marlton, Cherry Hill FC, Cherry Hill SC and Voorhees.  For the most part Pineland teams were declining pre-covid and completely shut down during covid.  On occasion, Burlington Township has participated in spring seasons.  
  • Continue to communicate with Townships to determine the number of teams in each gender and division to prepare game schedules. 


Rostering players and coaches

  • Review 350-450 player registration.  Determine the number of MSC teams in each division.  Work to have teams even to maintain in-house play for U6 and U8 which normally is not a problem.  U10 at times remain in-house.  U12, U14 and HS must have teams from outside towns in order to have a season.
  • Review 60-80 volunteer to determine which divisions need additional volunteer coaches.  
  • Begin to roster all players and coaches, attempting to evenly distribute players based upon age/grade while being mindful of teammate and coach requests.  This process can take up to 10 days to complete while adding late registrations.  
  • Target date for roster release is 2 weeks before the start of the season.


            Uniforms and Equipment

  • Prepare uniform order spreadsheet and submit to the vendor at least 3 weeks before the start of soccer.
  • Prepare an equipment list of safety kits, ice packs, age appropriate soccer balls per team.  
  • Schedule pick up time for 60+ teams to retrieve uniforms, picture forms and equipment the week before the season starts.  Usually takes place days before opening day to ensure all items are available for distribution.  


Inter-league Rules

  • Review rules with neighboring towns and make necessary adjustments or changes.  
  • Update website with current rules.  


Training Schedules

  • Determine team training is spread out to ensure practices space etc. This is more important in the fall when Gill Road needs to be used for lights.  


Game Schedules

  • Medford is responsible for scheduling U6 and U8 since its completely in house.  
    • U6 - PreK/K teams (10 weeks, between 24-36 teams)
    • U8 - 1st/2nd grade teams (10 Weeks, between 10-20 teams)
  • Medford historically generated game schedules for U10 and U12
    • U10 - 3rd/4th grade interleague play (10 Weeks, between 6-15 teams)
    • U12 - 5th/6th grade interleague play (10 Weeks, between 6-15 teams)
  • Cherry Hill FC historically generated game schedules for U14. However, this is coordinated with Hurley to field availability on Bende 1 and 2 
    • U14 - 7th/8th grade interleague play  (10 Weeks, up to 6 teams)
  • Marlton historically generated game schedules and referees for the HS Division.  Medford has not had a boys team in years, but has maintained a girls team.  
  • Target date for schedule release is 1 week before the start of the season and is updated on the website.  


  • Weekly – monitor field conditions, weather related cancelations, reschedule cancelations, handle any weekly issues.
  • Referee Scheduling:  (1st grade – thru 8th Grade, home matches)       
    • Monday – receive referee availability
    • Wednesday – post referee schedule, monitor and update with changes
    • Confirm referee accountability to spreadsheet for payment
    • Mid-season referee invoice to Accountant
    • Postseason referee invoice to Accountant
  • Order participation trophies during week 2-3.  Schedule Trophy pickup for coaches 2 weeks prior to end of season. 
  • Schedule Photoworks picture pickup for coaches 2 weeks prior to end of season. 


End of Season Recreation Fall Tournament

  • Organize the end of season tournament.  Historically each club hosts a division, Medford normally hosts the boys and girls 3rd/4th or 5th/6th grade divisions.  Order 1st/2nd place trophies during week 2-3.  Develop tournament bracket for division(s).  Monitor end of season tournament



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Medford Soccer Club

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Medford Soccer Club

291 Medford Mt Holly Rd 
Medford, New Jersey 08055

Email: [email protected]
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